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International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Invention
Category : Volume 2 - Issue 9 (version 1)


Human Web Language – The Modern Scenario of Human Language
Raveesh S. || Shamala S.a File Size 491 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/02910109
Social-Justice Dispensation: A Nigerian Educational Leadership-Challenge in the 21st Century
A.A. Akiri (Ph.D.) || Ekpe O. Ekpe (Ph.D.) File Size 213 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/0291010019
The Relevance of Death Inquisition and Its Implications on Socio-Cultural Development of Tiv Society of Nigeria
Abanyam Noah Lumun || Aver Tyavwase Theophilus || Bauchi David File Size 156 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/0291020024
Effect of Selected Yogic Practices on Bio-Motor Variables among University Men Students
Dr Baljit Singh Sekhon || Dr P. V. Shelvam File Size 334 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/0291025026
Atrocity against Women at Their Own Homes and Its Implications on Their Health Status
Shukla Jyoti || Singh Neetu File Size 167 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/0291027030
Male-Domination, Identity Quest and Motherhood: A Thematic Study Of Select Works Of Kamala Das
Prof.Shirley Stewart || Sangeetha Rachel Korut File Size 233 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/0291031038
Rural Poverty Alleviation Programmes: A Study Of Mgnrega In Manipur
M. Sanjoy Singh || Kh. Tomba Singh File Size 395 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/0291039043
An Overview of Land Acquisition Act and Human Rights Issues.
Janhavi S S File Size 326 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/0291044049
The Relationship between High School Teachers' Quality and Students Achievement
Dr.Narvan Baraiya || Dr.N.C.Baraiya File Size 81 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/0291050054
Media and Political Empowerment of Women in Kolar District of Karnataka- A study
Dr. B. Shailashree || Ms., M. Phil, Ph.D || Dr. B. Shailashree File Size 196 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/0291055059
Théâtre, Ethos Et Catharsis: Une Etude Comparée De Trois Prétendants…Un Mari De Guillaume Oyono Mbia Et Les Espoirs Perdus d'Unimna Angrey.
Par Ndongo Kamdem Alphonse File Size 416 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/0291060064
Factorial Structures of Desirable Teaching Behaviours as Perceived By Humanities Teachers: A Q-Methodology Study
Vijay Kumar Grover File Size 466 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/0291065073
Socio-Demographic Correlates of Income Differentials In Chandel District of Manipur
Solomon Nungchim Moyon || Dr. W. Kumar Singh File Size 389 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/0291074078
Role of Distance Education and Open Learning in Higher Education
Dr. Anuradha Goswami File Size 115 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/0291079080
Culturally Competenti (Appropriate) Health and Long-Term Care Services for Older Immigrants in a Small Urban Center Of Newfoundland
Delores V. Mullings || Lan Gien File Size 273 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/0291081089
The Teacher as a Catalytic Agent in the Implementation of the Curriculum
Peter S Skosana || Reginald Botshabeng Monyai File Size 259 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/0291090096
Trope of Woman as Motherland in The Indian National Imaginary in R.N. Tagore's Gora
Ms. Monalisa Chatterjee File Size 296 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/02910970102
A Co Relational Study of Protective Factors, Resilience and Self Esteem in Pre Medical Dropouts
Sakshi Mehrotra || Upasana Chaddha File Size 164 KB
Paper Index : 29.7722/029101030106
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