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International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Invention
Category : Volume-12 ~ Issue-7

Sustainable livelihood for women through vocational and handicraft education
Mamata Sishugoswami File Size 240 KB
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Healthcare System and Infrastructure: Socio-Economic Analysis
Dr.Mohana S K File Size 256 KB
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AliIbn AbuTalib's Imageamong the Shi'ite1 on YouTube2
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Laws Governing Digital Signature in India: An Overview
Dr.Shashirekha Malagi File Size 351 KB
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Financial Inclusion in Odisha: A Case Study of Ainthapali Village
Mamatamayee Guru File Size 307 KB
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भारतीय मानसून का कृषि पर प्रभाव एक भौगोलिक अध्ययन
अभिषेक गुर्जर File Size 485 KB
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A Comparative Study on Western and Eastern Secularism
Adil Ahamed. M File Size 226 KB
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Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives of Dainik Jagran, Patna towards Education: A Case Study
Dr. Babli Roy, Dr. Jessie S. Modi, Ms. Shashi Kala Nishad File Size 543 KB
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Destiny Unraveled: The Conflict of Fate and Free Will in "Things Fall Apart"
Spoorthy S. Fernandes File Size 205 KB
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The Social Sciences: An Assessment on the Processual Development of Political Science
Ige Kehinde Moses, Ige, Taiwo Samuel File Size 175 KB
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Gandhian Concept of 'Sarvodaya': A Synoptic Analysis
Satyaranjan Mishra, Dr. Jatin Bishoyi File Size 248 KB
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Office of Profit under the Indian Constitution: A Judicial Perspective
Naveen Saju File Size 262 KB
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Assessment of The Availability of ICT and Leaner's Academic Achievement In Geography In Nyamira County Kenya
Omwokimogakennedy File Size 420 KB
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Non-Testing For HIV among Men Aged 35 To 49: Between Fear and Voluntary Ignorance
Kouadio N'gnanda Anne-Marie File Size 283 KB
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Heritage of the Basque Settler in La Araucanía, Chile: A Study of Cultural Identity and Historical Preservation
Karla Andrea Silva Poblete File Size 419 KB
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Cognitive Warfare: Al-Qaeda's Narrative Strategy as a Virtual State
Emrah Aydemir File Size 411 KB
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Legislative Proceedings in Nigeria: The Legal Ethics of Honourable Olufemi Hakeem Gbajabiamila
Ige Kehinde Moses, Ige, Taiwo Samuel File Size 257 KB
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Fomento del trabajo en equipo como estrategia didactica generadora en el proceso de construccion del aprendizaje en estudiantes universitarios
Susana Patricia Custodio Castaneda, Blanca Lilia Ramos Gonzalez, y Adriana Esperanza Perez Landero File Size 689 KB
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The Illusion of Freedom: Escaping Ideology to Mistakenly Fall Into A New One In Fight Club 1999
Raghad S. Alsaeed File Size 304 KB
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Dismantling Gender Norms: The Transformative Power of Children's Literature
Chandrabali Sarkar File Size 289 KB
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Decades of Exile into the depth: A case study of the Stolen Kingdom of our Chagossian brothers and the Failure of the British Government to redress their mistake, prejudice and damage caused
Yudhistir S.M.F. Jugessur File Size 325 KB
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Fried Chicken from a well-known fast food brand are tasty and crispy but their lack of hygiene is a threat to our health: Human feces on food brings the bacteria Salmonella and E.coli 0157:H7
Yudhistir S.M.F. Jugessur File Size 327 KB
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Ethics, moral and the Fable Animal Farm: Pigs invent and change new laws and rules, with intention to corrupt, steal and harm
Yudhistir S.M.F. Jugessur File Size 311 KB
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According to Islamic Law and RIBA , interest is haram and unlawful. Arguments that interests of depositors and savings are not that Same RIBA of usury : from a Non-Muslim perspective thinking out of the box for the future of our children
Yudhistir S.M.F. Jugessur File Size 410 KB
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A Critical paper of Caste System in Mauritius, Political backings, discrimination and favoritism in job & promotion; Nepotists claim that Vaish (वैश्य) caste are more qualified 'Vaish pli kalifié ki toi ' . Qualified in what? my personal opinion as a Babujee , Kshatriya ( क्षत्रिय , बाबूजी) and being apolitical
Yudhistir S.M.F. Jugessur File Size 599 KB
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Today the teacher, tomorrow their own employers, Juvenile delinquent filming teacher, sharing on social medias , making fun and when caught cheating in exams they get rage , kick, slap teacher , even try to poke out the teacher's eye : The need for Discipline Masters in Schools against elephants
Yudhistir S.M.F. Jugessur File Size 403 KB
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Closed-Circuit Television as Deterrence in Shoplifting in Business Establishments in Baguio City
Baygan, Joe Nari A., Aguillon, Antoneitte, Cawi, Robino, Nabunat, Laborah May, Pico, Jennifer Ann, Rivera, Sarah Jane, Sadao, Jemalene, Zaparita, Sunshine File Size 406 KB
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Empirical Study on Math Anxiety and Self Confidence in Mathematics amongst students
Dr.Marisamy File Size 395 KB
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अम्लीय वर्षा का पर्यावरण पर प्रभाव एक भौगोलिक अध्ययन
मीनू शर्मा File Size 181 KB
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रियासत काल में बेगार प्रथा - एक समग्र अध्ययन (पूर्वी राजस्थान के संदर्भ में)
डॉ मीना अम्बेष File Size 256 KB
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