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International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Invention
Category : Volume-9 ~ Issue-6

Chaolung Su-ka-pha: The Builder of Ahom Kingdom, It's Administration & Economy
Dr Kamal Chandra Pathak File Size 128 KB
Socio-Cultural Development among the Tribal Community: A study on Rabha ethnic community in North Bengal
Dr Riti Moktan || Dr Nuruzaaman Kasemi File Size 368 KB
Causes of Poor Academic Performance in Mathematics at Ordinary Level: A Case of Mavuzani High School, Zimbabwe
Paula Varaidzai Makondo || Davison Makondo File Size 248 KB
Ho Chi Minh's Thought On Sustainable Development
Dr.Nguyen Minh Tri || Dr.Nguyen Anh Quoc || Dr.Dao Tuan Hau File Size 136 KB
Consideration on Democracy in the Middle East
Salikyu Sangtam File Size 351 KB
La Planeacion Estrategica Como Una Herramienta De Gestion En Las Organizaciones Publicas En Mexico
Roxana CordovaLazaro || Dra. Fabiola de Jesus Mapen Franco || Dr. Carlos Alberto Rodriguez Garza File Size 279 KB
Rethinking Women Participation in Nigeria's Politics
Joy Ucha Egwu File Size 226 KB
Igbo World View and the Translation of Igbo Names
Anyabuike Cyril File Size 262 KB
Onitsha Market Literature in Language and Literary Development of Nigeria
Martin C. Ogayi || Thank God O. Igiri File Size 167 KB
Error Linguistics and the Teaching and Learning of Written English in Nigerian Universities as a Second Language Environment
MARTIN C. OGAYI File Size 223 KB
Health Service System in Uttarakhand: Two Decadal Analyses
Mohit Kalra || Dr. Aditya Prakash Singh File Size 920 KB

Curriculum Development of Human Rights Education in Cameroon: An Analysis of Strategies for Implementing
Nzoudja Mekwago Blaise Ludovie File Size 256 KB
Review on total revenue from taxes before and after the implementation of GST
Miss Rajni File Size 509 KB
Pablo Neruda's Political Poems: Documentation of Alternative Memories
Bhaskar Sarkar File Size 176 KB
DIR Floortime (D-Development, I-Individual, R – Relationship-Based) - Non-Directive Method Helping To Improve Communication And Develop The Emotional Intelligence
Itskovich G || Strale I || Cirule-Galuza J || Bulavkina K. File Size 344 KB
On Chinese Language Negative Transfer and College English Teaching
Zhen Zhou File Size 202 KB
Effectiveness of Plasma Threapy For Covid19- A Brief Review
Jayashree S || Kalpana S || Gayatri J File Size 456 KB
Effects GDP on Public Expenditure on Education in Kenya (1978-2018)
xxxxxx File Size 382 KB
Foucauldian Madness: A Historiographical Anti-psychiatry
Bhaskar Sarkar File Size 137 KB
Covid-19 among Health care professionals- A Global Perspective
Vijayasankari A || Kalpana S File Size 140 KB

Translation of Igbo Proverbs and Igbo Worldview
Anyabuike, Cyril File Size 213 KB
Literal Translation and Igbo Proverbs: The Igbo Proverb of J.O.J Nwachukwu-Agbada as a Case Study
Anyabuike Cyril || Comfort Ijeoma Ebiringa File Size 178 KB
Strategies on How to Use the Situational Approach to Improve Junior High School Students' Interest in English
Wen Ying File Size 209 KB
Waste and Art in Other Climes: A Review of Few Sculptors
Antonia Okogwu File Size 807 KB
The Differences of Origin between Chinese and English Proverb
Xiaoling Yang File Size 168 KB
Hope and Despair in the Select Works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Sreejith Ramachandran || K.Rajkumar File Size 149 KB
Fast Communication-Efficient Over Distributed Data Using Spectral Clustering
Sheela N J || Dr K Sundeep kumar File Size 394 KB
Issues and Challenges in the perspective of Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group of Rajasthan
Dr. Sanjay Kumar File Size 447 KB
A Study on Situation Analysis of HIV/AIDS Infected, Affected and Destitute Children of Rural Area between Namakkal and Dindigul Districts, Tamil Nadu, India
Effective Policing Through Community Engagement
Dr. Fredrick Okoth Otieno, PhD File Size 240 KB
Morality, Happiness and Kural Literature
Prof.Meenakshy N.S. File Size 260 KB
The Historical Monument of the Contact Station Mien – Laos in the Resistance War Against The French Colonialists In Tan Trao Commune, Son Duong District
Dr. Duong Thi Ngu File Size 164 KB
Towards A General Framework to Deal with COVID-19 Impacts on Hotel Occupancy: An Applied Research on 5-Star Hotels in Alexandria
Mohamed Salah Ghanem File Size 468 KB
Understanding the Humanities from Gadamer's Philosophical Hermeneutics
Arturo G. Rillo || Beatriz Elina Martinez-Carrillo || Jose Manuel Rementeria-Salinas File Size 258 KB
A Historical Analysis of Past Airline Stock Prices and its Implications on Current Airline Stocks
Paleesha Parwani File Size 391 KB
A Study On Evolution Of Pirivena As An Educational Institute From Past To The Present In The History Of Traditional Education In Sri Lanka
W.K.D. Keerthirathne File Size 226 KB
Research on The Administrative Skill Level of Hospital Managers: Ankara Example
Dr.Ali TOPAL File Size 545 KB
Contrastive Analysis between Vietnamese Half-Open Rhymes With Lao Half-Open Ones
Dr. Phung Thi Thanh File Size 568 KB
Nature of Religion
Dr. Nguyen Anh Quoc || Dr. Nguyen Minh Tri File Size 287 KB
Ballappadandanayaka: Epigraphical Study
Shreenivasa || Dr.Venkatesha.T.S File Size 199 KB
An Analytical Study On The Role Of E-Learning In Research Field- Prospects And Vision
Dr. Deepa Roy || Joyita Mitra File Size 486 KB
Fear of Crime among Single Elderly Living Alone in Chandigarh
Dr. Bindu || Prof. Madhurima File Size 481 KB
Coping- Up Mechanism and Flood Management: A Study on Kerala Flood 2018
Richu S Panachikattu || Ann Mary George File Size 138 KB
The very useful proposal of the European Union for Shaping Artificial Intelligence
Celso Vargas Elizondo File Size 410 KB
Enhancing the Role of the Local Community in the Marketing of Eco and Cultural Tourism Programs: Case Study, Siwa Oasis, Egypt
Basem Mahmoud AbouElellaHaredy || WessamFekry Ibrahim File Size 781 KB
Feminism in Indo-Anglian English Literature of 20TH Century
Dr. Veerashetty Sharanppa File Size 217 KB
The Role of Social Media in the Women Empowerment
Dr. Devendra Kumar Dixit File Size 247 KB
भारतीय संस्थापन: इंस्टॉलेशनद्ध कला एक समीक्षा
डॉ हेमंत कुमार राय File Size 92.0 KB
संसदीय लोकतंत्र में विधायिका व प्रेस की भूमिका
नंदराम खटीक File Size 96.2 KB
पर्यावरण की राजनीति एवं पर्यावरण का विकास
डॉ सुरेंद्र सिंह File Size 262 KB
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