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The role of psychological factors on Voting behavior
Dr. (Smt.) Shilpi Singh File Size 191 KB
Cultivation of Discourse Competence from the Perspective of Key Competencies: Taking Senior English Reading Instruction for Example
Yi LUO File Size 194 KB
Social Realistic Evaluation in the Novels of Shashi Deshpande's –A Study
Role of Girls Education Empowerment on Poverty Reduction and Gender Imbalance in Rural Areas of Katsina State, Nigeria.
Maigari Abdu, (Ph.D) || Isama'ila Ado Funtua, (Ph.D) || Ibrahim Abdullahi || Kabir Magaji || Ibrahim Maikaita Abdullahi File Size 238 KB
Rationales for Discourse-based English Teaching and Connotation of Discourse Competence in Senior Middle Schools
Yi LUO File Size 151 KB
The translations of the places' names in Nusa Penida with reference to The Names of Tourism Sites in Nusa Penida from Ethno-Linguistic-History to Ecotourism
Ni Luh Ketut Mas Indrawati || Ida Ayu Made Puspani File Size 312 KB
Out-Of-Pocket Health Expenditure, Health Insurance and Health Care Utilization in Nigeria
Tari Moses Karimo || Godbless Henry Micah File Size 691 KB
Shivagange – A Historical Study
Harish Babu File Size 243 KB
Agency via Simulation, Dissimulation, and Rerouting Antagonists of Creole: Marie-Sophie Laborieux as Chameleon
Dr Warrick Lattibeaudiere File Size 284 KB
A Critic Analysis of ISO 9001-2008 Certification Policies in Higher Education Institutions. The case of Puebla-Mexico
Joaquin A. Lezama Valdes File Size 255 KB
Prevalence of Inattention among School Children with Excessive Smart Phone Use
Dr. Ramyashilpa. D. Nayak || Dr. Ashwini. Padmashali File Size 322 KB
Dehumanisation of Women in Media
Dr. Joji Madappattu File Size 243 KB
Life Skill Education in Classroom
Dr. Amulya Kumar Behera File Size 304 KB
The Tremendous Role of Non-Government Organizations in Lockdown Situation of India
Shamsher Rahaman File Size 663 KB
Some Opinions of Ibnu Hajar Al Haytami on the Children's Educationthrough His Books Tahrir Al Maqal
Salma Rozana || Abdi Syahrial Harahap || Nanda Rahayu Agustia File Size 309 KB
Extra-curricular time and student performance
The Relationship between Interpersonal Intelligence with Self-Confidence in Children in Ra Al-Ummah Hijrah
Rika Widya || Asmidar Parapat || Zannatunnisya File Size 229 KB
Perception and Attitudes of Students in the University Of Ibadan Towards Ecotourism In Nigeria
Emma-Egoro Praise File Size 558 KB
Indian Research Information Network System: A Comparative Study of Institutions and Scholars in India
Dr. Umesha Naik File Size 506 KB
Internal Marketing and Brand Commitment: An Empirical Review on Employee Perspective in Services Sector
D. Wasantha Kumara || D.M.R.Dissanayake File Size 271 KB
Trade and Urbanisation- India's North East in the ancient Silk Route
Dr Madhuri Saikia File Size 198 KB
The Influence Of Pupils Ranking In Kenya Certificate Of Primary Education On Examination Cheating In Public Primary Schools In Eldoret Municipality, Kenya
Kimeli Jepkorir Bornace File Size 240 KB
"Computer Awareness among the Secondary School Students" –A Study
Dr.Vemula Muttu File Size 291 KB
Racial Disparities in Access to Private Healthcare in South Africa
Elvis Munyaradzi Ganyaupfu File Size 379 KB
COVID-19: Measures of the Austrian government and the perception of the NewGenerations
Verena Sebestik || Philipp Klein File Size 406 KB
Share of Inheritance in Muslim Community Mandailing Natal (Sociological studies of Islamic law in Mandailing Natal)
Sakban Lubis. || Prof. Dr. M. Yasir Nasutioan, MA. || Dr. Mhd. Syahnan Nasution, MA File Size 226 KB
GDP – Inflation – Interest Rate: Nexus in India
Ms. Ramya Gowda File Size 502 KB
Review of Islamic Law Sociology Concerning Blind Chinese Wedding in Batu Bara District
Usman Betawi || Prof. Dr. Pagar, M.Ag || Prof. Dr. Saidurrahman, M.Ag File Size 253 KB
Impact of Human Resource Outsourcing on the Performance of Manufacturing Industries
Dr shashidhar Patil File Size 206 KB
Usman Betawi || Prof. Dr. Pagar, M.Ag || Prof. Dr. Saidurrahman, M.Ag File Size 253 KB
Role of Media in Women Empowerment
Dr. Jai Kiran File Size 235 KB
धनबाद जिला में माध्यमिक शिक्षा के प्रसार हेतु गैर-सरकारी संस्थानों की भूमिका : एक अध्ययन
तरुण कुमार महतो ।। खगेन्द्र कुमार File Size 382 KB
An Assessment of Maternal Health and Nutritional Status of Women in the Reproductive Age in the Moradabad District
Priyansha SIngh File Size 493 KB
व्यावसायिक तनाव और मुकाबला करने के संसाधनों पर भावनात्मक बुद्धिमत्ता का प्रभाव
Dr.Vineta File Size 567 KB
Positive and Negative Effects of Technology on the Environment
Vinita kalyansahai Meena File Size 168 KB
महिला सशक्तिकरण एवं सामाजिक परिवर्तन
डॉ. लक्ष्मी गुप्ता File Size 104 KB
20 वी शताब्दी में हरिजनोद्धार के प्रयास (पूर्वी राजस्थान के संदर्भ में)
डॉ. मीना अम्बेष File Size 249 KB
न्यायिक सक्रियतावाद
डॉ राधिका देवी File Size 189 KB
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